Writer | Traveler

Welcome to my website! My name is Madeline and I’m a writer, traveler and person who stutters. I grew up in Florida and then, wanting to see what seasons were all about, moved up to New York City and have been here for the past five years.

After my grandmother died suddenly in 2014, I needed to get away but didn’t have the money or time in order to do so. Thus, after a mini solo trip to San Francisco, many months of saving (and building up my courage), I booked my first solo trip to Iceland in December 2015 having no idea what to expect. After meeting three other fellow travelers randomly at my hostel and going on a road trip along the southern coast of Iceland with them, I’ve been hooked on traveling alone, exploring new places and meeting new people ever since.

I’ve been stuttering for as long as I can remember and didn’t feel open enough to talk about it until my mid-twenties. I wrote about it publicly for HuffPost in 2013 and then after encouragement from friends, family and strangers, I’ve been writing about it on and off ever since. I’ve attended conferences, local chapter meetings, a mock interview and have been interviewed on a podcast.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.